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AAD Shrine, Hermantown MN.

 You can view weddings and events at the AAD Shrine in Hermantown, MN. All photos are taken by Duluth Event Lighting. The AAD Shrine is a blank slate when it comes to lighting. The room had dimmable fluorescent lighting, but they only dim to a certain point before they just shut off. When Duluth Event Lighting lights up the room there is plenty of light to see and allow the overhead fluorescents to be turned off. Any color looks good in this space because the walls are neutral and will take any lighting effect. At the AAD Shrine, having professional lighting will be your biggest decoration with the cheapest cost.

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AAD Shrine wedding in pink lavender and rose by Duluth Event Lighting



Wedding lighting at the AAD Shrine. Up lighting in plum purple and magenta.

up lighting in lavender and soft white at the AAD Shrine by Duluth Event Lighting