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About Us

Duluth Event Lighting LLC. provides professional lighting, up lighting, equipment and services for weddings, fund raising and awards dinners, and theatrical productions. Headquartered in Duluth, MN, Duluth Event Lighting is a lighting decor company providing full service lighting including delivery, set up and take down. Our staff mostly comes from professional theater and has experience touring large size productions. What sets us apart from the rest is bringing our national touring experience and applying it to your wedding or event.

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Wedding lighting at the Clyde Iron Works in Duluth, MN. Duluth Event Lighting. Up lighting, Lighting Décor, Bridal lighting.

“Why should I hire Duluth Event Lighting?”

“My DJ says they can provide up lighting too.” You hire a DJ to keep your party entertaining and to keep the dance floor full. Don’t hire a DJ to decorate. Duluth Event Lighting is the premier company in Duluth that provides up lighting services for wedding receptions. When every company claims to be "The best...." or "The most..." how can you compare them? Duluth Event Lighting is Duluth's "premier lighting company for weddings" with international acclaim of over 51,000 likes on FaceBook. Duluth Event Lighting is the company that lights up the Duluth Lift Bridge for events like the 4th of July. When it comes to your wedding reception, do you want a professional lighting company or an “add on?” 

Did you know that Duluth Event Lighting is the company that light's up the Duluth Lift bridge for events like the 4th of July?

Wedding Lighting at the Clyde Iron Works in Duluth, MN. Duluth Event Lighting. Up lighting, lighting décor, bridal lighting.


Duluth Event Lighting is affordable. We keep our prices in a range of $400 to $800 for most weddings. Of course every reception location is different and has its own unique features that affect price.

A small room starts at $400, a medium size room starts at $500, and a large room starts at $600. Call or contact us for a price quote for your wedding reception.

Wedding lighting in the Moorish Room at Greysolon. Duluth, MN. Duluth Event Lighting. Up lighting, lighting décor, bridal lighting.

Quantity and Quality:

Did you know that for the average price a DJ is going to charge you for 8 lights, Duluth Event Lighting is coming with 30 or 40 lights? Make sure you ask how many lights you’re getting! Because Duluth Event Lighting specializes in lighting, we make sure our equipment is better than our competitors. Go with a company where lighting is their first and foremost concern.  Our inventory includes hundreds of lights and is always growing. We have been told by venues around town that there is a clear difference with Duluth Event Lighting's quality. A venue's staff told us they can walk into the room and immediately know if  the lighting is our work: "There's no comparison." 

Wedding lighting in Fargo at the Hilton DoubleTree. Lighting by Duluth Event Lighting


Duluth Event Lighting has been doing lighting as our only focus. Lighting is all we do, and we do it with a passion. Our staff all come from professional theater lighting backgrounds and have been working with theaters around town for over 20 years. Many of our staff have college level degrees in lighting design. A venue once told us that they could tell our lighting design stood out: "You came in here with a solid plan, the lighting looks designed and thought out. DJ's that do lighting look like they just throw out a couple of lights."

Our photo inventory proves that we have years of professional experience. The photos prove another aspect of quantity and quality that allows you to compare our services. Our reputation with your wedding venue is the gold standard, and we encourage you to ask your wedding venue event planner what they think of Duluth Event Lighting.

Wedding lighting in Greysolon Ballroom. Duluth, MN. Duluth Event Lighting. Up lighting, lighting décor, bridal lighting.


Duluth Event Lighting takes pride in our work and proudly displays almost every wedding on our website, Facebook, and Google+. You can go through hundreds of our photos and you know exactly where each photo is from.

When you know where your wedding reception is going to be, you should be able to see what that room looks like with up lighting. 

What else can we say?

We talked about better quantity / quality lights for the price and hundreds of photos to prove our experience. We encourage you to ask your wedding venue about the quality of our service and our reputation with them. Lastly, we encourage you to use the “Contact us” page to ask us directly. 

Madame Butterfly at the DECC

Ken Pogin is the principal of Duluth Event Lighting. 

He graduated from the University of Missouri in 1997 with a major in technical  theater. He joined the MN Ballet in 1997 as the Production Manager. Ken has been doing light design for over 20 years. In addition to light design for the ballet he has done numerous productions put on at the DECC, Duluth's main venue for large stage productions, including Les Miserables, and Madame Butterfly.

In addition to having theater quality lighting experience Duluth Event Lighting has one of the largest decor lighting inventory in the upper Midwest. We can make your event sparkle!