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Greysolon Ballroom

Greysolon Ballroom is probably the most elegant space in Duluth. The ballroom is the main space but does have other rooms where we can also light up your event. Both the hallways and the Western Lounge (the bar) are available as event spaces. The average price range for Greysolon Ballroom is $400 to $800 depending on what lighting options you choose. Beyond having the Ballroom lit, the most popular lighting option is to have a custom gobo projected on the wall right in front of the elevator so your guests arrive with your names as the first thing they see. The current trend to have your wedding in the space, followed by the reception does pose a time constraint for setting up. Please ask us about your options if you plan to get married at Greysolon along with your reception.

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Greysolon Ballroom Up lighting in a two tone lavender. One color is slightly pink, the other slightly blue. Duluth Event Lighting



Soft White wedding lighting in Greysolon Ballroom by Duluth Event Lighting



Wedding lighting at Greysolon Ballroom. Up lighting in magenta and pink.






Boys and Girls club gala dinner 2017. We lit Greysolon Ballroom in blue up lighting and then added stars and the Nothern Lights to the ceiling. We added the final touch of a projected moon overhead

Greysolon Ballroom with stars and a moon.





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