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Prices are set by location because every room has its own unique features and options. We want your wedding on a budget so we start only at $400! There are several options you can choose to fit lighting into your budget. Most weddings fit into the $400 - $800 range for our events. Keep in mind that these prices reflect lighting up the whole room. For events and weddings in Minnesota, the state does list all decor services as subject to Sales Tax.

Additonal lighting services:

Pin spot lighting by Duluth Event Lighting.

Pin spots: $10 a table

Mini spot lights on your cake and centerpeices.

custom monogram lighting by Duluth Event Lighting

Monograms, custom gobos: $150

Put your names on a wall or dance floor.

Bistro lighting at the Clyde by Duluth Event Lighting

Bistro lighting: $250

We have two styles of bulbs, so be sure to ask.

Battery lights under cocktail tables by Duluth Event Lighting

Glowing Cocktail tables: $20 a table


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